June 2014

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Clothing Photography



"IOWEYOU and ARTCOMESFIRST met six months ago in PITTI UOMO, invited by the good folks at Pitti Imagine as part of the Latest Fashion Buzz project. A chance meeting lead to an intense philosophical discussion, and this comprehensive collection is a result of the coming together of our shared visions. Each piece in this collection has been made by IOWEYOU artisans, woven to the colour palette and the design aesthetic of the ARTCOMESFIRST team.
Things we are passionate about : Love of craft, Clothing as culture, Importance of Provenance, Empowering of the individual and the need for uniqueness.
"Craft can only survive if it finds a natural application and if it finds a market. What a craft produces has to be relevant to the world we live in today. If craft does not reinvent itself, it dies". Inspired by this quote, we set out to help make craft relevant for the current youth culture.
Come have a look..."


LookBook Photography by Noel Quintela
Promotional Video by Falkwyn de Goyeneche